Evia: The only twin towers in Greece

Οι δίδυμοι πύργοι στον Μύτικα στην Εύβοια

We found the only twin towers in Greece

In Evia, we found 2 unique twin towers.

There are many lovely place to visit in Chalkida. You can also go for swimming.

The twin towers are located just a few kilometers outside of Chalkida. However, many people were unaware of their existence.

As you explore Evia, you discover and uncover more. And sights may appear before you that you didn’t even know existed, like the twin towers in Evia that exist nowhere else.

Usually, in various cities of our country, we encounter a tower like the well-known White Tower of Thessaloniki:

It is an impressive monument of Evia whose history is worth knowing. And the images from the video you will see below are equally impressive.

The twin towers of Evia, with their natural beauty, hide an enticing destination. The “Twin Towers” of Greece are located in Moudros.

Evia, twin towers, Greece
The only twin towers in Greece

There, east of Chalkida, lies a peculiarly shaped plain covering an area of about 40 square kilometers. The river Lelas passes through it. This plain is also bordered by the southern Euboean Gulf and a small part of it by the north.

Somewhere there lie the “Twin Towers” of Greece. These towers were built by the Venetians. In fact, a knight named Likarios lived in them.

In the second half of the 13th century, Knight Likarios found himself serving at the court of Giberto II da Verona, until he fell in love with his sister.

Felicia’s relatives, not wanting an unknown knight as their groom, reacted strongly.

The only twin towers in Greece

After many pleas, Likarios managed to avenge them and took all their territories except Chalkida.

For this reason, he remained in both castles in Moudros, where he had set up his base.

Likarios continued his aggressive tactics and, with the castle of Fyllon as his base, seized many islands and castles.