Saint John the Russian in Evia with many miracles


Saint John the Russian is in the village Prokopi in Evia – He appears to the faithful and asks them to tell the priests to change its vestments.

Εύβοια, Άγιος Γιάννης ο Ρώσος, άμφια, Προκόπι
Saint John the Russian in Evia

Saint John the Russian in Prokopi of Evia, for all Evians and not only, is the patron saint.

With hundreds of miracles and many offerings taking place in his honor every year, thousands of faithful walk miles on foot!

They start the walking from Psacha that is a distance over 30 kilometres. They start in the afternoon and they arrive after the midnight in Prokopi.

We have seen also a lot of people who start to walk from Chalkida.

Prokopi is a village in the Municipality of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna, situated on the regional road of Chalkida-Aidipsos.

Prokopi is known for the sacred temple of Saint John the Russian, where the relics of the Saint are kept, brought by Cappadocian refugees in 1924.

Saint John the Russian became known for his kindness, humility, and unwavering faith.

The following video is in Greek but you can see the people who walk in order to arrive to the church of Saint John the Rusian in Greece.

Saint John the Rusian in Greece

Thousand of miracles in Evia

Thousands of miracles have been attributed to him, with the most recent being when he extinguished the fire approaching Prokopi.

His sacred relic remains intact in Prokopi of Evia, and he is a wonderworker, with many testimonies speaking of the help he offers in healing the sick.

Saint John the Russian is asking for his garments to be changed.

The incorruptible sacred relic of Saint John the Russian is in a sarcophagus that only opens when the Saint wills and decides.

Otherwise, every attempt to open the sarcophagus ends in failure! In 1977, the Saint appeared to a woman and instructed her to go to Neo Prokopi, to his house, and inform the priests of the pilgrimage that the time had come to “change” him.

The last time he appeared, again for this purpose, was in 2005, again to a woman outside Greece.

According to information, the time has come to change his vestments in 2024. There are many reports from the faithful that he has appeared and asked them to tell the priests to change his vestments.

He even requests the color his vestments should be.

After they put on him the new vestments, the old ones are cut into small pieces and given to the faithful as blessings.

When does Saint John the Russian celebrate?

The memory of Saint John the Russian is honored by the church on May 27th.

Throughout the year, the road to Prokopi is filled with people walking in the grace of the Saint.

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